About us

A little information about myself.  My name is Lynda,  I am an ex office worker, Insurance Claims Controller turned dog walker. Having spent many years striving to meet targets and deadlines I am more than happy to target your dogs and provide them with good care and lots of fun whilst they are with me!  My dogs were the inspiration for Dog Walker & Co.

I am passionate about animals and particularly dogs.  I own 3 dogs, 2 of which are rescue dogs, Tiesha and Oscar.  Tiesha is a cross Staffordshire bull terrier. She was rescued by the RSPCA  due to her previous owners being reported for cruelty to her. She has been with me for just over 3 years.  She is a big friendly girl and has a very loud bark.  Oscar is a cross Jack Russell Terrier, he is from Manchester Dogs Home, he was found wandering the streets of Manchester.  He has been with me for 2 years. He  is a quirky little chap, lively and loves to play.  They both gave me quite a few challenges when first settling them in!  However, they are both now happy and contently settled.  The latest edition to the family is Pippa, a miniature dachshund, who is adorable, like the other two and is now the baby of the family and although the smallest is now the boss!  Although she has little legs she does her best to keep up with her doggy friends, she can be very stubborn and knows no fear!